At K. Woodard Ventures, our consultants are our heart and soul.

We are committed to the success of our clients and bring the combined strengths of our team to help our clients achieve their goals.

Sandra Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra is an experienced educator and administrator with 25+ years of proficient leadership in public education, serving diverse student populations in various roles from interim superintendent, district administrator to chief financial officer and accountant. Sandra is a proven visionary adept at leading diverse groups, improving student achievement, and advocating growth in the K-12 market. She is also known for acquiring and implementing innovative resources in academics and finance for optimal outcomes. “I am enthusiastic about fostering excellence in education for students, staff, parents, and stakeholders.” Sandra is a serial entrepreneur, having established and run successful small businesses while cultivating her professional career in education. She is a steadfast leader with hands-on experience and know-how to also help all organizations across industries to grow and prosper.

Kim Lynch

Vice President of Operations

Kim is responsible for ensuring seamless business operations across all fronts, encompassing strategic planning, execution, process optimization, customer satisfaction, and delivery. With a rich consulting background spanning strategy, IT and business transformation, program management, and product development, she brings extensive expertise to the table. “A visionary, I am driven by the desire to help others achieve their goals. This is why I am committed to ensuring that K. Woodard Ventures not only helps your organization achieve its objectives but exceeds them.”

Kathy Baber

Principal Consultant

Kathy is a highly motivated professional driven to find gaps and innovative ways to serve clients' needs. She is experienced in a broad spectrum of work, including professional development, project management, market analysis, and strategic planning. One of her mantra’s is “Success is not just about achievement; it's about resilience, perseverance, and the willingness to rise after each fall.

Diryon Thompson

Principal Consultant

Diryon has years of finance, tax, and accounting experience in leadership roles. As a Principal Consultant, Diryon provides professional guidance and financial support for our clients. Diryon believes that “Numbers tell a story that goes beyond math, often revealing the heartbeat of a company, its market, and the potential for informed decision-making.

K. Woodard Ventures (KWV) is a premier provider of business and professional consulting services.

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